by Carolyn Harrington         24 September 2021

Aurecon & SpaceDC discuss green data centers

SpaceDC joins Colin Eddison, Technical Director of Buildings at Aurecon, to discuss the opportunities and challenges of building data centers in the APAC region.

Key Points

Emerging markets

Southeast Asia is one of the world’s fastest growing internet markets. Even without the COVID-19 pandemic Asia was on an exceptional growth path for online services. COVID-19 simply expedited that requirement.

The Philippines is the next biggest population growth after Indonesia in terms of coming online. Korea is also an untapped market. These emerging markets cannot be serviced from Tier 1 locations anymore — Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan — because of a moratorium on data center builds, data sovereignty issues and latency issues in meeting demand.

Data center sustainability

Data centers currently consume 10% of the world’s energy and contribute 3% of carbon emissions. With Google, Microsoft and AWS all pledging to be carbon neutral, they’re pushing the data center industry in helping to raise green standards.

In emerging markets where the availability and appetite for sustainability aren’t as prominent, it’s still a balancing act between the environment and price. However being green can address both cost and environmental considerations. A more efficient building and lower PUE for example, irrespective of whether it has been driven by the green ambitions of customers, means less energy usage overall equating to reduced costs.

Aside from the green design that goes into the site and building architecture, linking data and analytics with its operations and maintenance is used as innovation in itself at SpaceDC. Performance monitoring to predict when something needs to be replaced rather than just replacing it periodically prevents failures and delays replacement costs.

SpaceDC‘s sustainability strategy also involves its investor, who brings together two investments they’re working on at the same time, data centers and renewables. This means when building a new data center with the investor, SpaceDC automatically brings on a renewable energy partner as well.

The Future

Customers’ needs are changing the design of data centers. With AI and machine learning, there are now supercomputers, peer-to-peer networks and smart networks. The whole infrastructure of how IT works has completely changed from simply storing data on a server.

The future of data center builds is all about energy sources, energy storage, efficiency and adaptability to meet the needs of its customers’ technology at scale.

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Carolyn Harrington
Chief Operations Officer