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Data centers for a post-pandemic world

by Carolyn Harrington 22 December 2020 In a mere span of a few months, the COVID-19 crisis has seen a quantum leap in digitization across organizations and industries of all levels as customers, supply chains, and internal interactions make a dramatic move online. While the digital mandate is

2020-12-21T17:53:17+08:00December 21st, 2020|Milestones & updates|

Covid-19 accelerated growth of the digital economy

by Carolyn Harrington 14 December 2020 Digital business transformation among organizations in Asia has been ongoing for years to survive and thrive in this changing environment. Amid the economic uncertainty and ongoing global pandemic, one would assume that businesses may have scaled down or temporarily halted investments in

2020-12-18T19:57:31+08:00December 14th, 2020|Milestones & updates|

Rolls-Royce supplies power solutions for SpaceDC’s first Indonesian green focused data center facility

Rolls-Royce delivered 3 MTU gas and diesel systems for SpaceDC data centre in Jakarta MTU gensets are specifically designed for efficiency and hot and humid conditions Common goal: Lowering the environmental impact of data centers SpaceDC officially launched its new ID01 25.45MW data centre campus with Rolls-Royce technology on 4 November

2020-11-26T14:31:08+08:00November 19th, 2020|Announcement, News, Press Release|

Bridging the digital divide

Thanks to technological advancements such as remote working and online education, many of us are able to continue with our daily lives despite the pandemic. But what challenges does the growing demand of digital transformation bring to the data center community? James Murphy, Sales Director for North America and Europe, shares

2020-11-26T17:04:33+08:00November 10th, 2020|Announcement, News, Press Release|

The 8 layers of security your data center must have

by Carolyn Harrington 5 October 2020 Digital transformation has resulted in cloud service providers demanding more storage facilities to keep up with the growing volume of big data generated every year. Because a data center houses information, applications and services that businesses use every day, organizations must ensure

2020-12-15T16:40:19+08:00October 7th, 2020|Milestones & updates|

Bringing hyperscale infrastructure design to data centers in Southeast Asia

As Southeast Asia continues to be a high growth market, emerging enterprises need data centers optimized for the new wave of open infrastructure. Darren Hawkins shares his insights on the Indonesian data center market and the upcoming launch of our new OCP Ready™ facility in Jakarta in this week's Solution Provider Spotlight interview. If

2020-11-26T14:32:25+08:00September 24th, 2020|Announcement, News, Press Release|

Consequences of an inadequate data center security

by Carolyn Harrington 17 September 2020 As we step into the era of technology, data has become businesses’ greatest asset. In our previous blog, Data center security: Threats against operability, we explored four areas companies must consider when selecting a facility to keep their information safe. But what

2020-11-26T14:40:27+08:00September 22nd, 2020|Milestones & updates|

Data center security: Threats against operability

by Carolyn Harrington 1 September 2020 Southeast Asia is the fastest growing region for colocation data centers, with an expected compounded annual growth rate of 13 per cent from 2019 to 2024, according to a 2019 Cushman & Wakefield report. The rising number of data centers

2020-12-15T16:41:26+08:00September 2nd, 2020|Milestones & updates|

SpaceDC成为亚太区首个OCP Ready™中心

得克萨斯州奥斯丁2020年7月7日 - 开放计算项目(OCP)基金会今天宣布,新加坡数据中心供应商SpaceDC 位于印尼雅加达的最新数据中心已经获得OCP Ready™认证。开放计算项目(OCP)基金会今天宣布,新加坡数据中心供应商SpaceDC 位于印尼雅加达的最新数据中心已经获得OCP Ready™认证。这是亚洲首个获得OCP认证的数据中心,表明人们对于为新一波开放基础设施部署创建高效设施的意识越来越强。 SpaceDC位于雅加达的中心已经符合OCP数据中心设施项目团队创建的指南标准,可以作为数据中心运营者以及租户的参考,这些租户希望了解在自己的IT场所内部署OCP硬件所需的基础设施。符合OCP Ready™要求并通过OCP数据中心设施项目批准的中心就能获得OCP Ready™认证。 除了这个数据中心,SpaceDC已经获得colo solution供应商的地位,这是OCP经销商体系成员的特定称号。OCP Colo Solution供应商必须拥有强大的技术、服务和支持能力,以实现OCP基础设施的可升级部署。 SpaceDC致力于降低其数据中心对环境的影响,因此在设计数据中心的所有领域都非常谨慎。从场地选择、模块化建造、用来为设施供电的能源,到余热的回收,这些都有助于SpaceDC实现目标。 SpaceDC 首席执行官Darren Hawkins表示: “我们很高兴能成为OCP社区的一员,这个社区的其它成员还包括谷歌和Facebook等科技巨头。作为亚洲首家OCP colo solution供应商,此次认证肯定了 SpaceDC 的使命,即为希望在该地区扩张的企业提供高效、可靠、可扩展的数据中心平台。通过OCP认证,我们的品牌已经脱颖而出,我们的客户可以信赖我们世界级的数据中心解决方案。” OCP基金会渠道开发副总裁Steve Helvie表示:“SpaceDC 意识到,OCP解决方案将在亚洲不断发展壮大,因此需要更多数据中心和运营商,他们需要了解企业寻求更开放硬件设计的需求。祝贺 SpaceDC 拥有亚洲首家OCP Ready™认证中心,这是一项了不起的成就。” OCP数据中心设施项目团队兼OCP Ready™项目负责人Mark Dansie表示:“在JAK2数据中心获得OCP Ready™认证的整个过程中,他们的团队展现出深厚的技术知识,也十分了解为托管OCP IT设备创建优化型数据中心设施的意义。最新的Colo中心是对日益扩大的OCP Ready™数据中心网络的有力补充, SpaceDC 的OCP客户可以充分利用部署OCP技术带来的总拥有成本优势。” SpaceDC的OCP Ready™中心已被列入OCP Marketplace。 开放计算项目(OCP)基金会简介 开放计算项目(OCP)基金会于2011年启动,使命在于将开源和开放协作的好处应用于硬件,并迅速加快数据中心网络设备、一般用途和GPU服务器、存储设备和装置以及可扩展机架设计的创新步伐。OCP的协作模式不仅仅用于数据中心,也有助于推进电信业和边缘基础设施的发展。 SpaceDC 简介 SpaceDC 正在创造最先进的数据中心,协助企业在东南亚快速发展的数字市场成长。 SpaceDC 总部位于新加坡,利用60多年的综合经验,在东南亚主要区域城市建立了最先进的数据中心园区网络。 我们的园区地理位置优越,交通便利,并充分利用城市的自然资源。它们具有多层安全性、暗光纤连接和非常低的PUE,以确保业务关键型数据始终是安全和可访问的。如果您有长期租赁数据中心需求,欢迎成为 SpaceDC 合作伙伴。

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