Why Indonesia needs to upgrade data infrastructure as digital services grow exponentially

Photos from scmp.com Indonesia has one of the fastest growing mobile user bases in the world – the archipelago is home to 260 million people and is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Around 65 per cent of the population are active internet users, making it a rich untapped resource for e-commerce giants and global

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Media Release : Indonesia to get its first green data center campus by Q2 2020

17 Sep 2019, Singapore – By Q2 2020, Jakarta will have its first green data center campus. SpaceDC, the company behind the initiative, will use natural gas to produce electricity to power the data center. It will also recycle waste heat from the gas generators to provide cooling through absorption chillers, a unique energy saving

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GIC and Polymer Connected establish partnership to develop Data Centre Campus in Jakarta

13 June 2019, Singapore – GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, and Polymer Connected, an eminent data centre provider, have established a partnership to develop a data centre campus in Jakarta. With this partnership, Polymer Connected has acquired the land to build the campus, strategically located in Jakarta Barat. This will be Polymer Connected’s first campus

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Polymer Connected opens offices in Jakarta

D arren Hawkins, President of the visionary data center provider Polymer Connected, is delighted to announce the company’s new offices opening in Jakarta. Located in the heart of the bustling city center, Polymer Connected will be opening its doors in the iconic Indonesian Stock Exchange, or IDX, Building. Opening offices in the center of business

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