Green Data Centers: Crucial Business Critical Partners for Sustainability in the Digital Age

   by Carolyn Harrington       16 June 2020 ‘Data centers built with sustainability in mind are the solution to cost efficiency and competitiveness.’ In this day and age, a few quick taps on the screen of your smartphone is all it takes to hail a ride, make digital purchases, or

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The concept of Space

In 1977 Architect Christopher Alexander published A Pattern Language. The book studies the patterns that exist in everyday space such as engineering elements. This book would become the inspiration for the development of Object Oriented Programming, the language that operates software coding today. Architecture has indeed played a great role in the development of modern

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Demand outstripping supply for Green Data Centers

D emand outstripping supply for green data centers Did you know replacing an old server with a greener design can save up to 1 ton of carbon emissions? Data centers require large amounts of power, cooling and space to operate. The ever increasing demand for data means their carbon foot print is growing. Key drivers

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Top 5 reasons you should store your Data in Asia

B usinesses all around the world need secure, fast, and reliable places to store the most important information they have: their data. In Asia, and particularly in Indonesia, there is a surge in demand for improved and higher-capacity data storage which is caused by a combination of expanding global cloud providers and increased network connectivity.

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Why you should choose a sustainable Data Center

W hen everyday users shop for cloud storage, they tend to compare plans and prices based on gigabytes or terabytes. This is not so when it comes to businesses looking for a secure, highly available data center. For the last decade, data centers have stopped measuring usage in terms of floor space or terabytes, and

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