Console Connect partners with Uninet to deliver on-demand connectivity to SpaceDC in Indonesia

Console Connect has recently partnered with local ISP Uninet to deliver on-demand connectivity to SpaceDC in Indonesia. Through the new partnership with Uninet, which is a subsidiary of Interlink, Console Connect users can now access the Indonesia market and SpaceDC’s data centre facilities in Jakarta. Console Connect’s Software-Defined Interconnection platform enables

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Rolls-Royce supplies power solutions for SpaceDC’s first Indonesian green focused data center facility

Rolls-Royce delivered 3 MTU gas and diesel systems for SpaceDC data centre in Jakarta MTU gensets are specifically designed for efficiency and hot and humid conditions Common goal: Lowering the environmental impact of data centers SpaceDC officially launched its new ID01 25.45MW data centre campus with Rolls-Royce technology on 4 November

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Bridging the digital divide

Thanks to technological advancements such as remote working and online education, many of us are able to continue with our daily lives despite the pandemic. But what challenges does the growing demand of digital transformation bring to the data center community? James Murphy, Sales Director for North America and Europe, shares

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Bringing hyperscale infrastructure design to data centers in Southeast Asia

As Southeast Asia continues to be a high growth market, emerging enterprises need data centers optimized for the new wave of open infrastructure. Darren Hawkins shares his insights on the Indonesian data center market and the upcoming launch of our new OCP Ready™ facility in Jakarta in this week's Solution Provider Spotlight interview. If

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SpaceDC becomes the first OCP Ready facility and colo solution provider in APAC

7th July 2020 - The Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) announced today that Singapore-based data center provider SpaceDC Pte Ltd has achieved OCP Ready™ certification for their new data center in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is the first data center in Asia to receive this OCP certification and demonstrates the growing awareness

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Carolyn Harrington, COO of SpaceDC, has been recognized by Data Economy as one of the world’s top 50 most influential marketers

We’re pleased to announce that Carolyn Harrington, COO of SpaceDC, has been recognized by Data Economy as one of the world’s top 50 most influential marketers. This acknowledgement is due to all the work Carolyn has undertaken in launching and creating a strong brand awareness across the globe for SpaceDC. Read more: #spacetogrow #dataeconomy

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There is growing demand for local data centers in Southeast Asia: SpaceDC CEO

SpaceDC’s CEO Darren Hawkins says having secured, low latency data centers helps local startups connect customers to services that are increasingly deemed essential. Watch here:

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Indonesia’s fastest growing digital economy

In the past 5 years alone, Indonesia has gained 102.7 million new internet users, equivalent to the entire population of Vietnam. It’s a big reason why the country is so exciting for #datacenter providers like SpaceDC. For more eye-opening insights on the world’s fastest growing digital economy, access the full @DataReportal Digital 2020 Indonesia report

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It is important to be energy efficient in a data centre. Today, most international companies have an agenda to reduce their carbon footprint. A data centre running on clean energy supports customers’ drive to reduce their carbon footprint. We speak to Darren Hawkins, CEO of SpaceDC to talk about how Hyperscale data centre design innovations

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Why Indonesia is in dire need of reliable data infrastructures

Indonesia has one of the fastest-growing mobile user bases in the world – the archipelago is home to 260 million people and is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Around 65 percent of the population are active Internet users, making it a rich untapped resource for e-commerce giants and global financial institutions. While the sheer

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