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Creating the ideal campus network with
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At SpaceDC, we fuel our clients’ business growth by offering world class data center solutions that provide the flexibility to build their own connectivity ecosystem.

Resiliency has proven to be key to building a successful data center in Indonesia.

This whitepaper looks at the initiatives, innovation and infrastructure required to meet the demand for internet connectivity in Indonesia.




    Diagonal diversity

    Our data center campus have diverse fiber routes from multiple directions that feed into 4 Meet Me Rooms(MMRs). This gives our clients the optimal performance, robust reliability and built-in ISP redundancy they need.




    Rich multiple connections

    We have chosen a site with ready access to multiple ISPs and dark fiber connections which guarantees our clients the speed and bandwidth they require to service their customers.




    Direct link to Cyber One

    We meet your expectations for speed by ensuring direct access and real time connections through our multiple fibre connections to Cyber One Exchange.




    Our high performance platform reduces latency and increases your network’s performance reliability and efficiency, connecting you to your traffic destinations while maintaining overall cost effectiveness.



    Cloud exchange

    Through our partners, we provide secure, on demand access to the leading cloud providers. Our customers can get seamless multi-point connections and rich networks between data centers and public cloud platforms to grow their business. Click here to see a list of our partners.

    Start building your connectivity ecosystem with us today.

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    Why SpaceDC

    Carrier neutral access, giving you the option to choose your
    preferred partners

    Diverse fiber paths designed for a resilient campus network

    Multiple MMRs that minimize network latency for seamless access

    Campus network driving high performance and reliability for the future

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