Robust Reliability

SpaceDC’s design decisions, equipment selection and operational procedures deliver service continuity customers can rely on 24/7. Our modular setup means we can undertake concurrent maintenance with no outages.

We also create our own energy onsite so our facilities aren’t dependent on a third party provider. This gives our customers confidence their data is always accessible.

Outstanding PUE

Power usage effectiveness (PUE) is the industry metric used to measure the energy efficiency of a data center. The higher the PUE, the more it costs customers to operate their business.

At SpaceDC, we are committed to minimizing our PUE. With a solid focus on using design and equipment selection to drive innovation, our facilities deliver world class ratings. This means our customers have a reliable and affordable data center partner.

Green data centers

Lowering the environmental impact of data centers is at the heart of SpaceDC’s company philosophy. We actively seek ways to make our facilities greener through energy and water saving measures and best practices.

At each facility’s location, we analyze the natural environment and look for ways we can generate green energy from natural gas, geothermal sources, solar or wind.

With the first green data center campus in Indonesia, SpaceDC is showing our customers, competitors and the government we are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment.

Advanced security

Our facilities are designed with multiple layers of physical and digital security touchpoints to give customers confidence their data is secure 24/7.

• Eight layers of physical security

• Biometric identification and authentication

• Stringent security procedures for access to site and data halls

• 24/7 CCTV surveillance with digital recording and storage

• Remote monitoring, oversight and control from our Singapore NOC

• 24/7 manned surveillance

• Historical access logs and requests

SpaceDC has a range of certifications that provide the framework and rigor customers expect when they place their valuable assets in our facilities.

Efficient cooling

At SpaceDC, we work smart to keep our data halls cool. Our facilities leverage the efficient cooling, air distribution and heat removal technologies with minimal amounts of energy. This keeps our customers’ infrastructure working efficiently at full load, around the clock.

SpaceDC employs technology in each facility that make use of the local climate attributes, waste heat, and recycling essential elements like water.

• Continuous cooling

• Concurrently maintainable

• Containment within the data halls to maximize cool air use

• Hot aisle containment

Diverse connectivity

SpaceDC’s facilities offer secure, network rich infrastructure so customers can connect with their clients, partners and people. With each data center offering diagonal diversity and access to multiple ISPs, we provide companies with the flexibility to develop a customized ecosystem.

SpaceDC facilities include:

• Vendor neutral access

• Diverse fiber paths from multiple local and international providers

• Multiple Meet Me Rooms (MMRs) per data hall for additional resilience and redundancy

• Software defined networking

• Direct connections to cloud providers

• Connections between data centers