Our partners

In the same way we provide our clients with world class data center solutions, we believe in working with likeminded partners who share this philosophy.

Having gone through rigorous selection processes, we have built a rich network of trusted and reliable partners recognized for delivering quality and expertise.

Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP)

OCP is a rapidly growing, global community where the best designs for scalable computing are shared. As the first OCP colo solution provider in Asia, we are proud to create highly efficient facilities built for the new wave of open infrastructure deployments.


With a history of industry changing solutions, Vertiv boasts an extensive portfolio of power, cooling and IT infrastructure. In deploying the first thermal wall technology in Indonesia, SpaceDC chose to partner with Vertiv to feature this advanced cooling technology facilitating energy and space efficiencies.


DKSH is a leading Market Expansion Services provider and exclusive distributor for Vertiv in Indonesia. SpaceDC has partnered with DKSH-Vertiv to offer a wide range of programs and services to support our facility’s mission critical infrastructure expansion into the Indonesia market.

MTU Rolls-Royce

As part of Rolls-Royce, the MTU brand has long been known for its cutting-edge innovation and technological leadership in product development. By partnering with MTU Rolls-Royce, we’ve taken the first step into creating a greener future by delivering quality power generation solutions to our clients.

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