Future proof your business,
scale with no limits

Designing a space for our clients to grow.

We build our data centers with large contiguous spaces perfect for our clients
to scale their business at any time and pace.

Discover how you can grow with us.

    Modular design

    We’ve made it our priority to build data center infrastructure just in time, securing the latest and proven technologies so our customers always have access to top tier solutions.



    Rack density

    Our facility is capable of supporting your modern cloud deployments and high density 15kW unassisted without having to put in additional equipment. For our clients, this helps reduce their cost of ownership.

    No raised floors

    With no raised floors, our data halls are able to withstand an average of 15kPa and accommodate to higher floor load capacities. No longer are our clients constrained by a data center’s design.



    With discrete data halls of up to 1,500kWs, our customers are able to customise the whitespace to fully optimise their deployment design and scale in one place.

    Boost your scalability with us.

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    Why SpaceDC

    Customizable solutions for
    every rack deployment

    Helping you grow
    with no limits

    Proven technology

    Lowering your cost of
    ownership at every step

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