Maximize your data security,
guard what matters

Safeguarding our clients’ data 24/7.

Our 8 layers of security delivers you the peace of mind your
data is always protected.

Secure your data with us today.



24/7 security

Sitewide CCTV surveillance, multiple protocols and non identical patrol routes make up our highly robust security network.



Safety protection

Our facility is equipped with VESDA, emergency
and early warning systems, assuring customers their
data is kept secure amidst potential threats.



Critical facilities control

From the perimeter to operations, our campus
has stringent security controls ensuring only verified personnel can access our facility at any one point in time.



Flood mitigation

Built 1 meter above the 1 in 500 years’ flood levels with self deploying, portable dams and pump systems in place, our campus is equipped with infrastructure and technology to keep your equipment safe.


Trained personnel

We have developed extensive protocols and hand selected an experienced security team capable of responding to threats swiftly with additional resources and backup on standby.

Secure your data with us today.

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Why SpaceDC

Security designed
to TVRA standards

Restricted access
through mantrap

Verified entry via
biometric authentication

Steel fencing with
anti climbing functionality

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