Customer Portal

SpaceDC’s customer portal lets our customers manage, monitor and report on their data center assets easily – from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

• Access real time information on security logs, power, temperature and humidity levels

• Book smart hands or remote hands, order cross connects and more

• Get alerts and notifications

• Multilingual functionality

Smart hands

Sending your IT team to perform a software update can be costly, time consuming and impractical. Our skilled onsite technical experts are here 24/7 to provide the support you need, whether it is managing deliveries and installations, performing compliance, updating software, equipment audits or simply a staff escort to the rack space.

Project management

Managing the countless aspects of system installation – from planning to design – demands focus and expertise. Our skilled and experienced team provides comprehensive project management services to ensure the success of your infrastructure project.

Data center migration

Our migration specialists have the experience, knowledge and tools to help you plan and execute a successful data center move. From infrastructure assessment to migration testing, our team will work with you to ensure the facilities meet and exceed your future data center requirements.

Office space

SpaceDC offers multiple office rental options within our facilities for 1 months or longer, so your team can work in comfort, whether they use the space on a daily basis or as a secondary worksite. With an onsite pantry and multiple options available, we can accommodate your needs.

Staging space

To help protect our customers’ equipment investment and make installations easier, SpaceDC offers dedicated staging spaces for pre build and testing before moving their equipment to the data hall.

Pre engineering service

Our highly experienced pre engineering team applies their knowledge of our facilities, ISPs and business environment in each country to create solutions tailored for specific customer needs.

For customers requiring data hall customization, our specialists can collaborate with you to understand the nature of your business, growth plans and physical infrastructure, before modelling a space within the facility to meet your business needs. They can also offer technical and engineering consultation to customers developing their own design to ensure fitness for purpose and build feasibility.