Colocation at SpaceDC lets our customers configure and support their deployments according to their needs with our ready racks, or even colocate in their own pods. This solution is perfect for companies looking to grow their Indonesian data footprint or establish a DR site.


Get more space to grow, both now and in the future. SpaceDC’s wholesale solution gives companies the flexibility to build your data center footprint to suit your needs. Our pre engineering team can help create a design to meet your company’s data center needs. Our project managers are also on hand to assist and support throughout the entire process.


Our hyperscale facility provides enterprises with a scalable environment that ensures the capacity to grow. Supported by secure and resilient infrastructure, SpaceDC delivers the reliability, efficiency and network rich connectivity that hyperscale customers demand.

Customers also have the flexibility to customize their data halls to create an ecosystem tailored to their business needs. Our operations and maintenance team, with a proven track record of designing, building and operating state-of-the-art facilities around the world, are committed to helping our customers plan, construct and protect their critical IT infrastructure.